The Average Cost Of Interior Painting

Discovering what it cost to paint the interior of a home can be a little tricky. It all depends on several key factors: the type of paints, the amount of prep needed, how many coats, how large the space is and the amount of protection needed to non painted surfaces and areas. We have painted a bedroom that can take just a few short hours and cost $300 or so dollars on one home and then spend over a week painting a bedroom with two painters and cost over $2,500.

Some rooms have more detail and require more specialty painting: cabinetry, molding, multi colors, faux finishes, wallpaper removal and so on. For now, we will focus more on the general painting cost to give you a good idea before you start your next project.

The Information here is based on our cost. Lions Head Painting serves the Martin County Florida area, and our cost tends to be pretty competitive with most professional painting contractors in this region. You can always find “cheap” painting cost, but typically those estimates will be missing key things such as proper licensing, insurance, worker’s compensation, or untrained painters.

General Pricing for Part of the Home

Most painting companies, including our own, do not price our work on an hourly basis. We can work this way and do on complicated projects. But to give you a good idea of what the hourly rates tend to be, these range from $45-60 a man/hr. Then you have to factor in the cost of materials. This tends to range from 10-20% of the cost of the job depending on the level of quality.

  • Average bedroom (walls & ceilings: freshened up): less than $350.
  • Painting a hallway with standard ceiling heights (walls only): under $300
  • Painting a master bedroom suite and bathroom (walls, ceilings, doors, and trim, 20×25): $950-$1,500
  • Painting a large entry area with 10+ foot ceilings (walls only): under $750
  • Painting standard kitchen cabinets (converting from wood to paint-grade): $2,000 for small kitchens or $5,000-$7,500 for large kitchens and sometimes a glaze applied (with an center island)
  • Painting a powder room: under $300. A powder room, though small, requires a lot of brush work and working in a tight space. Typically this requires a half a day of work.
  • A whole house interior (4 bedrom/3 baths) walls and baseboards, changing colors, 2 coats): Averages $2,500-$6,500.